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Patient #5478B

     D e a n   W i n c h e s t e r

considered highly aggressive

no tolerance to staff or attending physicians

limited visitor contact; fervently monitored

daily medication required for psychosis and anger

Patient #87658B

     P e t e r   H a l e

considered highly aggressive and dangerous

percautions taken:
                            mountain ash enclosed cell
                            regular wolfsbane injections
                            no contact with remaining family

no visitation; strictly under Eichen House care only

made for my Livibug;
let these games begin.



         I’ll shut it when I need to, Winchester.

Bucky replied, all snark, as he followed Dean to the trunk of the Impala.
He was used to the hidden arsenal by now, but couldn’t help but scoff 
at the notion that they would actually be hunting werewolves with silver

         Really? Silver bullets? — Well damn if
          the human race didn’t something right
          in their fairy tales.

                    ——— Never did ask you about
                                       garlic and vampires.

Despite how it appeared, Bucky was taking the hunter seriously so he
set his features then. Having killed for much less, he was only hesitant
about clarification. Dean was probably going to give him hell for this, but
he had to ask if all werewolves were to be killed on sight.

                It was a stupid notion that was going to get
                him killed one day, comparing these other
                ‘monsters’ to himself.

         “And there’s no other option?
          We gotta put ‘em down?

                                               ——— No exceptions?

He wasn’t going to patronize Bucky’s sarcasm when commenting on the silver bullets. Honestly, Dean had done the same thing when his father told him about werewolves. He thought John was joking but, sure enough, silver bullets killed werewolves, just like all the stories one hears.

        “Sorry to burst your bubble, Buck, but garlic doesn’t do
         anything to vamps.”

He sets the box and the bullets back down when Bucky asks the question and Dean hesitates. He takes in a deep breath before letting it out. “Werewolves aren’t like vampires. If a vampire doesn’t feed, they can be changed back,” he explains, “but it’s different for werewolves. Once they turn, they’re stuck. And when that full moon rolls around…they lose it and they kill the first thing with a beating heart.” He looks over at Bucky with an even gaze. “No exceptions.”

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"Again, we didn’t exactly have a lot of time to wait!
                         Or, you know. Tell.”


"You didn’t have time to give me a call?"

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❝ I’m sure they’re the life and soul of the party, but that doesn’t mean they would think twice before putting a million and one bullets, arrows, and whatever the hell they can get their hands on, in me, does it? ❞


❝ How do I know you’re not trying to double-cross me, Winchester? You wouldn’t be the first hunter to try it..❞

"Most of ‘em don’t kill unless you give ‘em a reason. And being a werewolf isn’t reason enough for them."

He doesn’t move for a moment but, soon enough, the hunter takes his gun back out and easily lets the magazine of his .45 fall to the floor. “Check the bullets. They’re wolfsbane—and you can keep ‘em.”

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        “Well, no one dies and
         no  one   gets  hurt  is
         what  I  have  in  mind.”


"If that’s the case, it means less work for me."

"You got a deal, kid."

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