Supernatural 10x03 Sneak Peek

“Death Takes a Holiday”

i really don’t want to go to school today

my stomach was really bothering me last night and i didnt fall asleep until 2 am

so i only got four hours of sleep and my stomach still hurts

it would probably be good for me to stay home and relax, but i can’t afford to miss school

Tell me Dean, what are you? A demon, or human?
Why don’t you do us all a great big favour and pick a bloody side.

Dean + piano



I don’t feel very well, so I’m going to really try and get some sleep because I have a full week of school ahead of me and I can already smell the homework and the stress.
Stuff is drafted.
Bless your face, bless you, I love you, and goodnight.


"… Good point."


"So, I’m gonna guess you joined the dark side?"

"That’s what the rumors are sayin’."



❝  … ghosts.
          i  don’t see what that has

                to do with any of this.   

"When people die, depending on how they die, they can become violent spirits and they’ll take it out on basically anyone they can get their hands on. Recently, a bunch of people have been dying in the same apartment complex and if I burn these bones, people will stop dying.”